Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Ignatz Nomination!

I can't even believe it but it is true, I was nominated for a Promising New Talent Ignatz Award! If you're going to SPX, find me and we can hug.


Scott said...


Lauren, That is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren Barnett said...

Thanks!!! :) :)

BradyDale said...

That's totally awesome! Go you. I found you via Tumblr because you have the same publisher (I think) as my friend Pat.

I just found out on Sunday that I have a table at SPX (Waiting list, y'know...) and I'm terrified because I haven't made a comic yet.

Anyway, I like how you are making this look easy even though it's really hard. I'm writing a comic right now.

You know, writing comments on people's blogs. You call it procrastinating, I call it process.

Lauren Barnett said...

Oh man! Thanks! You have plenty of time, im so excited bc ive never been to spx either...we should all hang out!!!! Please excuse my punctuation, im doing this on a cell phone

BradyDale said...

Definitely. The Philadelphia contingent will be easy to find, don't worry.

Good luck on awards night!